Reasons Why KCMO is the Best City

No matter if you just moved to Kansas City or you’ve been here your entire life, you know that these reasons and more make it a great place to live.

At Apex on Quality Hill, we love being a part of the wonderful Kansas City, and our downtown KCMO location is the perfect place to enjoy everything the city has to offer. If you’ve spent any time in Kansas City you don’t need us to tell you how amazing of a place this is, but if you’re looking to move here or just want to boost your hometown pride read on to find some of our favorite reasons to call KCMO home.

The History

Kansas City, MO is the most central big city in America (the actual center of America is just a bit west of the city in Lebanon, Kansas), which may make you think not much has happened here. But if you thought that you would be wrong. For example, did you know that Walt Disney drew his first cartoons here (and rumor is was inspired by a real-life mouse that lived in the building)? Speaking of childhood memories, KCMO is also the birthplace of the Happy Meal. Also worth noting, Kansas City is considered the place where jazz “grew up” when Charlie Parker played his first gig at the Country Club Plaza. These are just some of the pieces of rich history that make up Kansas City.

The Entertainment

Kansas City has always been known for a good time, ever since it famously refused to participate in prohibition and instead openly sold alcohol in spite of the 18th amendment. In fact, Edward Morrow penned the line, “If you want to see some sin, forget Paris and head to Kansas City.” While the “sin” factor may be more tolerable now, you still don’t have to look far for a good drink in KCMO. In fact, no matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for, Kansas City always has something going on for everyone.

The Outdoors

Like any good midwestern city, Kansas City is more than just skyscrapers and concrete. It’s said that the city has “more boulevards than Paris, more fountains than Rome,” encouraging everyone to get outside and enjoy the architecture. If you’re not impressed by the cityscape, Kansas City also offers lots of greenery with over 220 parks, 29 lakes, 103 playgrounds, and 134 miles of trails and bikeways in and around the city. In fact, no matter where you in the city you’re no more than 30 minutes from a woodland trail.

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